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About I.L.U.

I.L.U. is a beauty store chain like no other, exceeding all expectations when it comes to copiousness, integrity and simplicity.

It is easy to locate your favourite brands or make pleasant new discoveries.

On the shelves of I.L.U., you will find high-end luxury as well as favoured everyday products. The selection is nothing short of spectacular.

I.L.U. takes the aims and interests of its customers as the basis for the placement of products, so you will find the products placed according to their use.

I.L.U. is not just for the fairer sex, also men have the right to look good.
The beauty experience is perfected by competent and discreet beauty consultants who help find the ideal products for you.

The adjoining beauty studios in bigger I.L.U. stores help you discover and perfect your natural beauty in the most pleasurable way.

I.L.U. stores are located in Tallinn at Rocca al Mare, Kristiine and Ülemiste Shopping Center, in Tartu at Lõunakeskus and at Kvartal and also in Pärnu at shopping center Pärnu Keskus.

The beauty experience offered by I.L.U. is worth visiting Estonia not only for the thrill of travelling but also for self-discovery. The real beauty is found within yourself